Our Unique Selling Points

From functionality and appearance to navigation and coding integrity, a lot goes into creating an eye-catching, user-friendly website. It doesn’t end there, either. Web developers and designers must work together to produce websites that will be located by search engines, engage customers, and stimulate conversions. Few of our unique selling Points for our Web Development program are

1 . Clean Design
One of the most important things which we concentrate on during the process of website development for our clients is to create a clean, appealing design. A quality design is attractive and easy to read with intuitive navigation. Most importantly, a clean design helps viewers focus on the value of your brand and content instead of distracting graphics and large amounts of text. Often, customers associate website designs with the quality of a particular company or product. Hence, a clean design is vital to providing a positive user experience that encourages customers to return.
2. Responsive Web Sites
To effectively reach the growing population of mobile users, businesses need to be sure that their websites are available from any device. For many companies with an existing web presence, we have developed a separate, mobile-friendly website designed to perform well on any device. Also for businesses planning the launch of a website we have created responsive design websites which are capable of adapting to any device.

3. Branding
Branding is important to all businesses, both large and small. The design and placement of our clients brand logo contributes to a viewer’s overall opinion. We create and design Professional logos which successfully catch the customer’s eye and provide a clear picture of the brand’s unique voice. For placement of logo we generally choose a location on our client’s website that is readily visible to visitors, such as the upper left corner, since this is where the eye naturally begins to scan a website. To further solidify our clients brand’s identity, we always consider using the same logo on packaging, print advertising, and branded apparel. When a business is consistent with branding, it provides customers with an integrated and memorable brand experience.

4. Quality website designing based on Functionality, navigation and usability
We must ensure that there are no loading issues or broken links. Our experts make sure that the site’s security features adequate for our Clients business’s needs. In addition to these operational issues, it’s crucial to view client’s website’s features from the user’s perspective. Are the contact forms, surveys, and customer feedback sections of your site working properly? One and all of these functional issues are taken care by our skilled and experienced team while developing a client’s website.

5. Effective Color Scheme
Color schemes are more important than customers realize. Different colors have the ability to evoke emotional responses, such as calm, happiness, or frustration. When it comes to using colors in our client’s website design, it’s essential to consider client’s company’s niche, target audience, branding, and the elements of color theory. What colors will the clients target audience respond to? If clients color scheme is similar to his logo and branding, we test whether it is overwhelming or pleasing to look at? Regardless of our clients choice, we spend time to research the best color options will give our clients and visitors a good impression.

6. Interactive Websites – Implementation of Call to Action in websites
Placing calls to action on our client’s website encourages customers to contact their business. A friendly suggestion, such as “Contact us today!” demonstrates that clients business wants to develop a relationship with its customers. It’s important that calls to action are appropriate for a visitor’s level of engagement with our clients company. If they’re just discovering their brand, invite the visitors of the website to subscribe to the clients email newsletter. If they’re already a loyal customer, perhaps they’ll enjoy participating in clients brand’s loyalty rewards program. Regardless of what the website is asking visitors to do in the website, we always include a call to action at least once on each page.

7. We make sure that the website has very Short Loading Times
When looking for information online, nothing aggravates visitors more than slow loading times. Customers can be turned away completely due to this issue. Testing our website ahead of time helps us solve or pinpoint any loading time issues, and these can be fixed before site’s official release. To increase customer retention and provide a positive user experience, we periodically evaluate our website’s loading time once it has launched. Short load times give customers the information they want when they want it.

8. Creation of Active Blog in our websites
We create in our website an on-site Active blog which helps keep customers informed about the latest products, company events, and industry-related information. Featuring a blog on a website is a great way to connect with customers, especially if the websites posts encourage readers to interact with client’s brand. Also we assist the client in keeping their blog regularly updated . By regularly providing readers with fresh, helpful, engaging content, we make sure that the clients website and brand becomes a trusted resource and an industry authority.

9. We ensure Clean, SEO-Friendly Code
Whether we are developing new webpages or optimizing existing ones, we make sure to have clean, SEO-friendly code. By taking the time to improve our site’s code, we try to increase the overall return on investment. SEO-friendly code acts as a guide for search engine spiders by providing a clear picture of our client’s web site’s content.

10. We make sure that the website has Compatibility with Multiple Browsers
As technology progresses, the number of internet browsers is steadily growing. From Internet Explorer and Chrome to Firefox and Safari, it can be frustrating to keep up with them all. When creating a website, we ensure that our website is reachable from multiple browsers

11. We Emphasize on Integration with Social Media in websites developed by us.
Integration with social media is no longer a novelty – it’s a requirement. As technology makes information sharing more convenient, businesses lacking social media integration fail to take advantage of what has been likened to modern day word-of-mouth advertising. Social media provides a venue in which customers can promote his brand, provide reviews, and stay in-the-know about Clients Company’s latest news. We make available varied written and visual content, including product images and branded video in the website wherever necessary which are easily distributed on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn with the addition of social sharing buttons on our client’s website.

12. We provide Effective Security framework during the design and development phase websites designed by us.
With the evolution of technology, newer and more advanced security risks threaten to compromise website’s integrity. From malware and viruses to malicious apps and the threat of hackers, websites must prevent security breaches on both the front ends and back ends. We provide additional security measures to protect customer information for Websites built to conduct online transactions, such as ecommerce sites, to reduce the potential for browser-based threats, we make sure businesses must add SSL certificates to their websites. We add during the development process, security features in the site’s framework and design. Also we conduct for our clients website designed by us, regular security checks or work with a provider who offers this service.