A website is the Window to our clients company and his business. We ensure that we should make a good first impression on his visitors. We specialize in creating beautiful, Interactive and Unique websites that convert visitors into leads for your business. Our websites are responsive to fit all devices from desktop to mobiles or tablets. With the advent of ecommerce and e-shop integrations, most transactions today happen directly on websites. Our goal is, therefore, to create websites that needs to be of high quality, well-planned, and dynamic in order to serve the various tastes and preferences of the many clients who frequent such sites. Our experienced development team knows how to build a results driven website that’s attractive and lively, and provides a great user experience.

E-commerce involves selling of products through the internet. Internet is one of the most cost effective platforms to establish a business, and you only need an ecommerce portal for selling your products online. Ecommerce portal development is not a very expensive service, and it involves least hassles to start with a new venture. Ecommerce portals developed by us help in efficient transactions management, Business efficiency and New Market development.

Transactions Management : Electronic networking minimizes impacts of time & distance. The promise of E-Commerce is that transaction costs can be constrained to minimum that is appropriate to each type of transaction. Institutional adjustments and new approaches to organizational and inter-organizational management is required to allow new kinds of market relationships to involve in an electronic market-places.

At another level, there is the need to cope with escalation in the generation of transaction-associated data. Distributing information electronically not only facilitates more efficient storage and retrieval, but also helps ensure that operators of these systems always access the most up-to-date manuals, not only is the amount of transaction-related data increasing, but also the awareness of the potential value of this data is increasing.

Business Efficiency: E-Commerce support advanced design and manufacturing concepts like Just-in-Time, Quick Response, and Concurrent Engineering, all oriented to co-ordination and often integrating various aspects of the production and distribution processes. It facilitates new kind of on-demand marketing concepts throughout a wide range of products.

E-Commerce generates transaction information immediately in the form that permits sophisticated processing and quick distribution and can be used to plan and support changes designed to increase the responsiveness, flexibility, efficiency and accountability of business process. As in E-Commerce use of customer database increases, new security, privacy and legal issues arises. For this purpose business & government co-operation and support is essential.

New Market Development : E-Commerce is used by many firms not only to mere automation, but for creating business opportunities. E-Commerce is now a standard business tool, moving beyond cost saving and strategic objectives altogether. Many highly visible new markets for intangible products are being created around changing patterns of work & leisure-allowing consumers to access such services as banking, insurance and travel reservations directly from their homes and businesses, both in and out of normal business hours. In media, entertainment and communication sector, E-Commerce is the interactive tool widely used to develop world wide customers. Education and Training is an important area where E-Commerce can build up the infrastructure of skills upon which new generations of Electronic services markets will develop.

The benefits of using mobile applications is the convenience and the ability to access and share information anytime from anywhere. Our conviction is that a mobile application should replace traditional built-for-purpose service devices. We emphasize on giving Speed and reliability to our mobile applications. It Should allow greater access to large amounts of information such as videos and catalogues as compared to a traditional online access. Thru our Custom Mobile Apps we give enhanced user experience and greater satisfaction to our clients to improve their productivity.

Customized web application development services have become very popular among companies operating in different industries. Customized web applications allow integration of multiple facilities such as database management, performance-tracking, content management and many others. It has also been observed that these applications satisfy business needs regardless of the products involved in those, Hence, they help to manage work processes and information in an efficient manner. Employing our experts will facilitate Smoother Web browsing, transactions involving huge amounts of data can easily be managed and Volume of traffic on a website can be increased. Be it an online booking system or a full blown customized CRM / ERP, we can analyze your business requirements completely and provide the perfect solution by developing the most effective custom web application suiting multiple needs of our customers business. We use WORDPRESS, PHP, CSS, ANGULAR JS, HTML5 AND JAVA Based web development keeping in mind the suitability of business requirements of our customers.Our developers have immense knowledge and skills with open-source platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento and so on, if you're looking for cost-effective solutions.

Simply making a glamorous website is not sufficient; it must be optimized so as to be visible to search engines. whenever you search for certain content on the web, some pages appear first, while others may appear many pages later in search engine results. The probability of the last pages being visited is almost nil, meaning they can lose sales as a result. Search engine optimization comes in to solve this problem, making your website rank either on the first page, or among the top pages. Professional web development companies usually have personnel who are skilled at promoting pages, making search engines such as Yahoo, Google, MSN and Bing, rank your webpage highly.Google is the first website people browse online. If you're not there on the first page for your keywords, you're literally losing out a lot of business. We with our SEO Engineers expertise get you there with white-hat SEO practices.

Working with well-established and professional website Development Company such as Marsn Technologies enables you to monitor your company website, as well as marketing methods, constantly. Our concern has web analytic experts who are highly skilled in the use of web analytical tools to generate reports that will help companies to maximize on their strategies. In addition, our experts dig into data on the internet to get critical insights that will propel your company to greater heights of success and profitability. We have led some of the analytics projects, leveraging proven methodologies, tools and best practices to bring insight and innovation to help you navigate the exponential growth of digital data from social media and mobile sources, meet the demand for mobile data accessibility, and comply with evolving regulations.

Our Mission and Vision

Marsn Technologies is a quality IT service provider of high-end business solutions to clients across the globe. With deep domain expertise in the finance, telecom, energy, automotive, travel and aviation industries, we specializes in E-commerce, Portal Development, Mobile App Development, Data analytics, Cloud Computing and Games Development Applications.

Our vision is to develop in a constant manner and grow as a major IT service provider to become a leading performer, in providing quality Web and Software Development solutions in the competitive global marketplace.

The company consistently goes beyond its clients’ expectations by bringing together technology, talent, innovation, and the highest quality standards. Marsn Technologies Believes in Building long-lasting partnerships with its clients by providing seasoned business and technology professionals, software engineers, who deliver high-quality, innovative technology solutions that fit the client’s needs.

We offer international delivery capabilities through our network of state-of-the-art delivery centers around the world. Marsn Technologies customers benefit from the right mix of technology skills, industry knowledge, proprietary processes and methodologies, and a choice of engagement models.